Hello  Mark Charotis, LLC 

     I wanted to let you know how happy I was with my order from your company. I purchased the spit roaster- model SS1, and it was delivered in short  amount of time, and everything was packed as it should have been, and all the pieces were there. I was a little unsure, ordering from a company I didn't  know, and I don't really like to make purchases on line anyway. But I was very happy with the results. 
     We had a beautiful 35 lb. lamb on Easter, which my family enjoyed very much. We have done this every year for many years, and our old one needed to be  replaced.  My husband almost settled for a couple of legs to be  cooked in the oven, but I knew the kids would be very disappointed. So I took it upon myselft  to locate a rotisserie, and it turned out to be a success !
    The old one we had did not have the shield, so this one saved us on the charcoal, and the cooking time, just as advertised. And the wheels made it very  easy to move around in the yard.
     Again, thank you, and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know looking for a rotisserie !

  Jeanne P

   I just wanted to drop a line to comment on the rotisserie unit I purchased from you - model GS1. Of course sometimes when you buy things over the
  internet your never quite sure what you are going to get. For the price this is a GREAT unit. The metal is heavier gauge than I thought it would be and any    time there are that many nuts and bolts inevitably you are short a nut or a bolt, but not in your case. Or sometimes the holes don't match up and have to be  drilled, but again not here.
     The directions are well written and in a way that even a child can understand them. My fourteen year old son helps me many times and I let him do the    assembly. Literally, from opening until completed, 32 minutes and he had it done.
    Even though I am disabled and retired I still do the occasional catering gig. This unit is sturdy enough to handle the cooking and yet light enough to easily  transport from home base to event destination.
    I want to thank you and I will be happy to recommend this to my friends.
    I have one of those power adapters for my truck, it turns DC current into AC. I can take this thing anywhere, the lake, the mountain hunting camp, we are    using it this week end to cook, believe it or not a 62 lb Tom turkey (home raised).
     Anyway, thanks allot and I am sure we will be in touch again.

   Alden L.‚Äč

  Hi, Mark.
   My name is Kyoo E. (Virginia).
  I recently buy your TS1 and I used it at last Sunday. It was awesome!! Works very well.
  If i can i will send you the picture later.

  Hi Mark,

   This machine is dead silent. I kept having to open the pit to look to make sure it was running. It took all the work out of spinning the pig. It completely rocks!  I even adapted it to my smoker on the porch for those chickens. Can't wait to what else I can do with it and spin on it. Thanks again for a great product!

  Doug N.

  Model SS1 purchase:

   I am in awe...This is a well built machine and the company responded to my needs quickly.

   I ordered this on the 28th of June and paid extra for shipping to ensure I received it before the 4th of July. It was scheduled for the 3rd, and arrived on the  2nd. That exceeded my expectations. I opened the box and pulled out all the parts, there was only 12 parts and. Assembly was as simple as you can imagine.  NO TOOLS REQUIRED! 6 wing screws and 4 screw in wheels later and it was ready to cook. I burned a fire in it on the 2nd to burn away the manufacturing  residue. On the 4th of July, with a house full of guests...I stacked 3 enormous (8lbs each) chickens on the spit (I ordered 2 chicken spit forks from the  company to accomodate), lit a nice fire of hardwood lump charcoal and set my chickens on. 1st thing I noticed was how solid the spit bar was. 2nd thing that  impressed me was how tight and smooth the the spit motor was. There was no flopping and clunking. I started the birds on the middle section and quickly  realized that I needed to lower it to the bottom rung.  I was nervous that the lack of a grease collector  would mean lots of flare ups as the grease hit the hot  coals, but my fears were quickly put to rest. The flare ups that I did have did not go high enough to  touch the chicken. I then placed two grill grates over the  fire and added two racks of ribs to cook. All the while, I was basking in the statements of jealousy  from all my friends, who were feverently asking their  collective wives if they could get one. We then settled back in the lawn chairs to sip adult beverages of  choice and watch the chicken slowly turn and turn  into little brown bundles of deliciousness. ***Tip***: Brine your chicken for at least 4 hours before spit  roasting. This was my first attempt with the pit and I  need to adjust the heat and size of fire I had made, but after 3 hours or so of roasting, we sat down to  some of the best chicken I have ever made. I am  waiting for the weather to cool a bit here in south Texas before I go get a wild hog to put on this spit. I might  just spring for a suckling to try it out first. I am  so glad I bought this thing. I will update when I do cook a hog.

 Ras S.

       Your TSC1 spit roaster rocks! Here is a video of your roaster in action.

 David  J.

    Last year I purchased the SS1 and did a pig for the first time. Boy was I a hit. The pig came out beautifully and most thought I knew what I was doing.

 Following your instructions is what made it such a success.

  The wind was strong that day and the temps dropped to around 55 and I did have a bit of a  problem holding the temp even though, thanks to the large  wheels, I was able to keep turning the rotisserie so the back shield blocked the wind somewhat.

   My question is, can the hood shown on the SSH1 be retrofitted to the SS1 and what would the cost be? Thanks in advance and I am very happy with the  rotisserie.  I made my own BBQ basket for the spit and have did a  rump roast and chicken on it already. I will send you a picture and how I did it if you are  interested. 
 Tim S.

   Hi Mark,
    We just roasted a 20-lb turkey using the TSC1 and it worked great (see attached).  We are now ready to do a pig next time.

 Thank you for the quick response and delivery of my SS1.  This rotisserie is amazing, and just as  surprises here!  I am extremely satisfied with this product, and it will be put a lot of use for sure.  This is a great  product, for a great price!  Please advance into specialties within the BBQ world, as I will surely purchase from  you again.
 John R.

  Zack. C.