Maintaining GS1

     Galvanized steel is a steel that is coated with a thin layer of zinc that acts as corrosion protection.

      Over time, especially under the high temperature of the burning charcoal, the steel may get exposed and start rusting. To prevent that and to make cleaning very easy, we do recommend using heavy duty aluminum foil. Place the aluminum foil on the bottom and sides of the body of the roaster.

       Once you finish roasting, leave the unit overnight to make sure that the charcoal is not burning anymore and that the unit is completely cool on touch. Remove the aluminum foil with ash and place it in a metal can.

    Now you can clean the ash residual and coat the galvanized body with any edible oil as an additional corrosion protection.

    Maintaining the GS1 spit roaster this way will help you preserve this unit for many years to come.

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             With  GS1 model this season you will get:

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This amazing machine has been engineered and tested to spit roast  well balanced pig, lamb, goat, or other animals up to 80 lbs.

     Rotisserie is 22" wide 52" long and cooking begins 24" above the  ground.

     It is an outdoor barbecue unit made of heavy gauge (18 gauge)  galvanized steel.

    The heavy duty electric motor is able to turn a 1" stainless steel rod,  that will hold a whole lamb, goat or pig.

    The stainless steel spit rod comes with two removable stainless steel  forks and a stainless steel spine fork.

    Standard are the electrical motor with on/off switch,  removable  grease collector, stainless steel spit rod, four 16" legs and two -3 EZ  position motor mounts.

     It can hold up to 80 lbs of well balanced pig, lamb, goat, pork shoulders, roast beef etc.


                                 $449.00+FREE S&H

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 Model GS1