4mm - SS1

SS1 comes with black painted steel charcoal pan

Model SS1-DX

​ Model SS1



6mm - SSH1-DX

SS1-DX comes with four grilling grated made of 6 mm 304 stainless steel bars

SS1  $699.00

​​​​​                              AMAZING DEAL!!!


                                                 Item description

        Charotis LLC is very pleased to introduce SS1 - all included stainless steel BBQ spit rotisserie that will roast anything you wish up to 120 lbs.

         With your help( customer suggestions) and our experience we created the  best  and most affordable stainless steel spit roaster in the country - all accessories i ncluded.                 

         Over time, our customers were asking for a long lasting unit that will be very    easy to move assemble and disassemble.easy to store and clean, to be used for  any different applications and to be efficient ( to save charcoal).  So here we are.    After more than a year of testing and adding accessories to make it versatile and  efficient we are very proud to offer the SS1 a stainless steel 

 BBQ Spit rotisserie.

        It only takes a few minutes to assemble it with only 6 screws (3 on each side-picture #1) - no tools      needed.

         To move it easily, we added four removable rubber locking swivel casters ( picture #2).

          Removable charcoal pan (picture #3) is made of 18 gauge black painted steel.        

       To save amount of  charcoal used for roasting we added a Stainless Steel Wind Shield . It will save up to 30% of charcoal. On a windy day even up to 50%. You save up to $15 every time you fire you your rotisserie. 

         Customer feedback that you can see on our Facebook page too:

      First go with the rotisserie, couldn't have been easier to use. I had an older  rotisserie running another pig at the same time. It's amazing how little charcoal it

 takes to cook on the Lexuss2012. - J. Schwartz.


             While we were testing the unit we discovered that the Wind Shield makes the  meat more flavorful. The reason is- dripping fat is burning, releasing flavorful  smoke that is not blown away by the wind  so the meat is roasting and smoking  at the same time.

             Spit rod is made of heavy duty 1" square profile.

            You will get stainless steel cooking grills - total of  1000 square inches of cooking surface. 

             Stainless Steel Spine Fork and two Stainless Steel Spit Forks (pictures #4 and  #5) will hold meat on the spit so it doesn't move at all and your machine will run very quietly without vibrations.


          The length of the spit rod is 51". The Roaster is 51" long and 22" wide.

              Stainless Steel motor is UL approved and has an internal unit that is  specifically made for this rotisserie.

Motor insulation has a high temperature rating- 150 degrees C. The  cooling fan is additional   protection from overheating. It is tested and approved to  turn 120 lbs of meat. Speed of the motor is 5 rpm-s and all gears are made of metal.





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SS1-DX  $749.00

SS1 comes with black painted steel charcoal pan

​SS1 comes with four grilling grates made of 4mm 304 stainless steel​ bars.