62" COMBO - 50W motor           Propane - Charcoal

   Charotis,LLC is very proud to introduce another great product from our line of the  spit rotisseries.
                             Model SSGCXL - 62" oversized Propane - Charcoal combo spit roaster

       If you need a SPIT ROASTER that can roast pig, lamb, goat, chickens,  turkeys, pork shoulders or anything that weighs 120 lbs+ then this is the perfect product for you.
                                                Accessories included with SSGC1XL:


    Stainless steel charcoal pan - when roasting with charcoal
    Stainless steel drip pan - when roasting with propane
    Two 55" stainless steel propane burners - 20,000 BTU each.

    Five grilling grates covering the entire roaster - made of 6 mm 304 stainless steel bars.

   Heavy duty motor - 50W - 200 lbs/in torque.

  The built-in thermometer will help you to adjust the temperature.

   Temperature shown on the thermometer shouldn't exceed 300 deg.F.
   To move it easily, we added four removable rubber locking swivel  casters.  
   The spit rod is made of heavy duty 1" stainless steel square profile.
   Two stainless steel spit forks, two leg brackets and a spine fork will hold meat on the SPIT ROASTER    so that it doesn't move at all and your machine will run very smoothly without vibrations.
    Five grilling grates for slow cooking and grilling are included

​   The heavy duty 4 rpm,50 W, 200 lbs/in. motor has an internal unit that is specifically made for this rotisserie. The motor  insulation has a high temperature rating and the  cooling fan is additional protection to prevent overheating.          

​                                                        ​                  $1599.00 + Free S&H