100% stainless steel

       Stainless steel charcoal pan with charcoal rack


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Charotis,LLC is very proud to introduce another great product from our 
 line of the charcoal spit rotisseries - Model SSH1-XL - oversized spit roaster.
      What exactly is the Model SSH1- DX ?
       It can be anything you need it to be.
       It has a HOOD, that is made of stainless steel and is very easy to assemble and use.
        If you need a SPIT ROASTER that can roast pigs, lamb, goat, chickens,  turkeys, pork shoulders or anything that weighs up to 100lb, then this is the perfect product for you.
        The Hood will cut roasting time by at least 1/3 and the meat will be more flavorful because the dripping fat will burn into the smoke. Your meat will roast and smoke at the same time.
       With the hood you will be able to roast the meat on very cold days.
  Some customers are looking to buy SSH1- DX so they can use it if is raining  outside. We are strongly against that.
       Electricity and water do not go together.
       So, please do not use your rotisserie on rainy days . You can get  shocked by electricity. 
        Store the motor indoor in dry room when you do not use rotisserie.
 ​       You can use Model SSH1- DX as SMOKER. 
         The proper way to cook meat in smoker is low and slow at 180-220  degrees Fahrenheit. You can cook it directly above charcoal or indirectly-  burning charcoal on one half of the charcoal pan, while cooking meat on the other half on cooking grids. The built-in thermometer will help you to adjust the temperature.
​          You can use Model SSH1-DX as COLD SMOKER to smoke fresh  sausages that you made or purchased in butcher store as well as ribs, fish or anything you would like.
          Meat will be placed on the cooking grates or the sausages could be hanged on the spit rod while the  wood or wood chips slowly burn, which will create cold smoke.
           You can use Model SSH1- DX as a regular CHARCOAL BBQ to grill steaks, 
burgers, hot dogs etc.
    The five cooking grids that you can see in the picture are covering the entire roaster or 1000 sq in.
       To move it easily, we added four removable rubber locking swivel  casters.
       The removable charcoal pan is made of stainless steel.
        The spit rod is made of heavy duty 1" stainless steel square profile.
       Two stainless steel spit forks and a spine fork will hold meat on the SPIT ROASTER so that it doesn't move at all and your machine will run very smoothly without vibrations.
       The roaster is 52" long and 22" wide.
        The 50W, 200 lbs/in. motor has an internal unit that is specifically made for this 
 rotisserie. The motor insulation has a high temperature rating and the 
cooling fan is additional protection to prevent overheating.
        The speed of the motor is 4 rpm-s and all the gears are made of metal.
       There is a one year warranty on all parts and five years on the motor and the spit rod forks.
                                       And all of this for only $999.00 + FREE S&



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                        Please call for Canada, Hawaii and Alaska shipping rates.




 Model SSH1-DX