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                  HOW TO USE CHICKEN FORKS




Model TSC1

                Lifetime warranty on 50W,

                         150lbs/in motor.

        With TSC1 model this season you will get

                       FREE SHIPPING

                      FREE CARRYING BAG



                                       FREE SPINE FORK


For customers who already have fire pit we created this amazing and very affordable tripod spit rotisserie. All stainless steel.

      It has been engineered and tested to spit roast a lamb,goat, pig,chickens,turkeys,pork or lamb shoulders or anything up to 100 lbs.

      The 52" spit rod is made of 1" square stainless steel profile.

this unit comes with motor, two stands, spit rod, two stainless steel spit forks, spine fork and  TWO LEG BRACKETS that will hold the meat on the spit so it doesn't move at all and your machine will run smooth without wibrations.

      If you wish to have more fun while roasting,  you can try roasting the old fashion way by using a hand crank.

      The spit roaster's unique legs are easy to fold and store inside carrying bag.

​ 40 W motor is included too.

                 And all of this for only



                   399.00 + FREE S&H


    Free Shipping is only good for 48 contiguous states.

   Please call for Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska shipping rates. 


Leg fully folded for easy storage.

40W motor

52" long spit rod